quinta-feira, junho 09, 2005

Primeiras Palavras 

Sempre me interessei muito pela primeira linha da primeira canção do primeiro álbum. Sempre procurei quem aí estava, nas primeiras palavras, as escolhidas (em consciência ou não) para apresentar, representar ou camuflar aqueles artistas e o sítio para onde nos queriam levar. Fosse qual fosse o caso, parecia-me ter interesse.

Nesta perspectiva, obviamente bastante redutora, algumas destas recolhas são mais significativas, outras apenas curiosas (senão cómicas), e nada dizem do que estes artistas se tornaram mais tarde aos meus olhos ou aos do mundo. Faltam nesta lista nomes de que não me lembro agora, e ignorei deliberadamente EP's, singles, compilações e coisas do género, o que talvez não tenha sido muito inteligente da minha parte. Mas eu gosto muito de álbuns. E da primeira linha da primeira canção do primeiro álbum.

Joy Division - "I’ve been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand"

Sisters of Mercy - "So still so dark"

Korn - "Are you ready?"

Depeche Mode - "I stand still stepping on the shady streets"

U2 - "I was on the outside when you said you said you needed me"

Jay-Jay Johanson - "It hurts me so"

Nine Inch Nails - "God money I’ll do anything for you"

Tricky - "You sure you want to be with me?"

Interpol - "Surprise, sometimes, will come around"

Pink Floyd - "Lime and limpid green a second scene a fight between the blue you once knew"

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Never thought I'd see her go away"

David Bowie - "In the corner of the morning in the past"

Kate Bush – "Moving stranger, does it really matter?"

Bauhaus - "I dare you, to be real"

Ramones – "Hey ho, let's go"

Tom Waits - "Well my time went so quickly, I went lickety-splickly out to my old '55"

Adam Ant - "Have you ever had a ride in a light blue car?"

Velvet Underground - "Sunday morning, praise the dawning"

The Sex Pistols - "A cheap holiday in other people's misery!"

Metallica - "No life till leather"

Beastie Boys - "Because mutiny on the bounty's what we're all about"

Mão Morta - "E se depois o sangue ainda correr corre atrás dele"

Swans - "Be strong"

Recoil - "If your body's feeling bad" (são as primeiras palavras, mas só apareceram ao 3º álbum)

Led Zeppelin - "In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man"

Electric Six - "You must obey the dance commander"

Blondie - "I saw you standing on the corner, you looked so big and fine"

The Fall - "Someone's always on my tracks"

Happy Mondays - "If you've got to be told by someone then it's got to be me"

PJ Harvey - "oh my lover don't you know it's alright you can love her and you can love me at the same time"

Placebo - "Stuck between the do or die, I feel emaciated"

Roxy Music - "I tried but I could not find a way"

The Strokes - "Can't you see I'm trying, I don't even like it, I just lied to get to your apartment"

Zeca Afonso - "Águas passadas do rio meu sono vazio não vão acordar"
(não consegui encontrar a letra do 'Fado das Águias', a composição que iniciou a primeira gravação "longa". De qualquer modo, foi um disco mal gravado, cheio de imperfeições de acústica, que não teve grande saída, e prefiro pensar que o Zeca Afonso também o encarava como uma obra de amador ;-) )

Nick Cave (em The Birthday Party) - "I have a friend in you, oh Mr Clarinet"

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Well I stepped into an avalanche, it covered up my soul" (Letra de Leonard Cohen)

Radiohead - "You are the sun and moon and stars are you"

Xutos - "Sémen, sémen, sémen"

Dizzee Rascal - "I’m just sitting here, I ain’t saying much, I just think" (esta foi para o ctx)

The Clash - "He's in love with rock 'n' roll woaahh"

Badly Drawn Boy - "Faith pours from your walls"

The Rolling Stones - "I wanna tell you how it's gonna be" (Letra de N. Petty)

Peaches - "Suckin' on my titties like you wanted me"

Van Morrison – "Hey where did we go"

Pixies - "This is a song for Carol"

The Arcade Fire - "And if the snow buries my neighborhood and if my parents are crying then I'll dig a tunnel from my window to yours"

The Doors - "You know the day destroys the night"

Nick Drake - "Time has told me you’re a rare rare find a troubled cure for a troubled mind"

Jay-Z - "I'm makin short term goals"

Alice in Chains - "Scary's on the wall"

The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Listen to the girl"

Japan - "You're confiscating transmission"

The Smiths - "It’s time the tale were told of how you took a child and you made him old"

Bob Dylan - "Well I don't know why I love you like I do" (Letra de Jesse Fuller)

The Cure - "10.15 Saturday night and the tap drips under the strip light"

Primal Scream - "Shadow masking matters can’t conceal the way you really feel"

Marillion - "So here I am once more in the playground of the broken hearts"

Tiamat - "Deep down in the tombs"

The Stone Roses - "I don’t have to sell my soul He's already in me"

Nirvana - "If you wouldn't mind, I wouldn't like it blew"

Jorge Palma - "Não consigo dormir perdi a noção do tempo e sinto fogo a alastrar nos meus pulmões"

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