quinta-feira, fevereiro 16, 2006

Apocalypse Jukebox - TOP 10 

David Gahan escolhe as 10 canções que gostaria de ouvir uma última vez, estivesse o fim do mundo na eminência de acontecer.

1 - Three Days
Jane’s Addiction
«I first heard this song at a particularly destructive time in my life. (...) the level of destruction in this song still gets me excited.»

2 - Flugufrelsarinn
Sigur Rós
«This must be the most apocalyptic music I’ve ever heard, and the most beautiful. (...) It sounds like it comes from outer space.»

3 - The Desperate Kingdom of Love
P.J. Harvey
«This is like an old Johnny Cash song. I tend to believe everything P.J. Harvey says – she sings with such honesty. I’m drawn to her music, even when it’s pretty hard to listen to. You can hear the damage in her voice.»

4 - It Serves You Right to Suffer
John Lee Hooker
«His voice really speaks to me. He uses it like an instrument. It has so much emotion, and is so affecting that it helps pull me out of myself.»

5 - Hiding All Away
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
«He chuckles at the beginning of this song, which is just perfect. The man’s a genius.»

6 - London Calling
The Clash
«Like a lot of the songs on this list, "London Calling" helped me escape into the realms of fantasy. I’ve had to escape into fantasy for great chunks of my life.»

7 - Moonage Daydream (Live)
David Bowie
«Bowie was the first person who made me want to perform. I like the Ziggy Stardust version, but I much prefer the one from David live.»

8 - Search and Destroy
Iggy & The Stooges
«It's the most revitalising song I’ve ever heard. Iggy is a hero.»

9 - A Man Needs a Maid
Neil Young
«This song really does it for me. We all need a maid in life, don't we? Especially when things get dark.»

10 - God only Knows
The Beach Boys
«On the surface, it sounds so carefree. Listen closely, and it’s pretty fucked up.»

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